Private Parties

In addition to serving daily meals to our customers, our breakfast restaurant is here to host your local private parties in Grosse Pointe, MI. With our homey atmosphere, we make for a unique banquet venue to help you serve to your family, friends, and guests with delicious, large homemade meals. We believe in providing quality food, warm and freshly made, for every customer we have, so let us help bring this to every guest in your party.

Our menu includes something for everyone, whether they want excellent omelets or a good stack of pancakes. As local event venue and favorite, we take pride in providing for our local community and serving meals for their private events. You may contact us at (313) 885-1481 for more information on what we can provide for you with our appetizing breakfasts served throughout the day.

In addition to hosting and serving private parties in Grosse Pointe, MI, we also provide online ordering and pickup, as well as food delivery services, through GrubHub. We look forward to providing you quality food at The Cracked Egg of Grosse Pointe.